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Author Topic: More ragne for tanks  (Read 454 times)

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« on: September 18, 2019, 01:32:59 PM »

I propose about 10% more range for all tank guns
(in a way that the distance between sniping tanks and normal tanks remains about the same ofc)

Tanks are very mediocre with all the handheld at and very powerful at guns. Some more range would go a long way in helping bring back the tank era. We all love tanks dont we?
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2019, 02:56:21 PM »

Tanks can already kite handheld AT when they don’t engage at closer than long-range distance. A range increase would make all tanks with viable anti-infantry cannons so much more effective, that it would require a price increase for them. It would simply make P4s and Royal Canadian Artillery Stuarts completely OP, perhaps even with price increases, while all anti-infantry-viable tanks would be near-OP in most cases. This would warrant a drop in handheld AT costs, since the viability of handheld AT would dramatically decrease even with anti-infantry-viable tanks getting just the +5 range increase you are in effect asking for. This is because this would result in a long range infantry-sniping role for tanks becoming standard, directly countering handheld AT, for which tanks are the primary target. Further, any significant drop in handheld AT costs, if the handheld AT were to be genuinely priced according to its effectiveness after a tank range increase, would warrant company commanders investing in larger groups of handheld AT units, which would inherently force tanks to fully adhere to the long-range infantry-sniping role because tanks closing the distance to medium or short range would effectively cease to be a viable strategy.
This ultimately means that if anti-infantry-viable tanks were buffed with +5 range, and handheld AT decreased in price in order to remain priced according to its genuine value since it would see a corresponding, significant decrease in viable effectiveness against its primary targets- this would simply result in anti-tank guns becoming the units of the day, because they would complement groups of handheld AT units which force tanks to remain at infantry-sniping ranges, and make the tanks effectively unable to rush the ATGs, enabling the ATGs to neutralize them. This would mean more of a binary rock-paper-scissors dynamic which would hurt gameplay spontaneity and unpredictability.
This would actually genuinely hurt tank usage altogether, because tanks, including tank destroyers, would be effectively, completely shut down at closer ranges, should this meta strategy be employed, and ATGs would reliably neutralize them from longer ranges.
Where this seems like “we like tanks, don’t we”, it is actually a genuine nerf for tanks themselves, including tank destroyers, and a promotion of ATG spam, which is more or less already standard for the majority of players, combined with handheld AT spam.
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